How many wedding invitations do I need to order?

Evening reception wedding invitation

How many wedding invitations do I need to order?

This is one of the most common mistakes I get a lot!

You only need one invitation per couple, family or household. Not one per guest. A simple formula for working out how many wedding invites to order is to estimate your total guest list, divide it by two and add about ten percent. So for 100 guests, that would be 55 to 60 invitations.

Oh and don’t forget your evening guests!

Evening invitations can be a bit more simple, which = Cheaper invitations! Save the date design

This Save the date card design is the same concept for a classic, traditional evening reception invitation – It is just the printed text that changes i.e timesElegant traditional luxury wedding invitation

For real wedding inspiration check out Charlotte & Jacks Summer Wedding at Gosfield Hall by the lovely Jasmine Jade photography.